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TRAXON CDMP (Cargo Data Management Portal) is a Cargo iQ (CiQ) Data Management Platform according to the specification of the IATA Cargo iQ standards.

TRAXON CDMP provides functions to set up route maps according to agreed upon milestone offsets, monitors and measures airfreight shipments, identifies discrepancies, enables usage of exception codes and produces various reports to help analyzing data.
User input is given via a web-based graphical user interface application. The availability of certain functionalities and features in the GUI depends on user role.

Welcome screen

The welcome screen provides personalized information on the current user and shows some quick links to selected web pages, online help and some statistics.

The screen is divided into three sections:

  • quick access
  • welcome
  • help and manuals

Link Description
quick access
Cargo iQ webpage
TRAXON’s newsletter CHAMP latest news (will be accessible via WIKI)
TRAXON CDMP update current information about last technical update of the TRX CDMP and/or a summary report of the fixed technical issues
running score for DEP FAP and NFD FAP in % (daily update) DEP Flown as Planned percentage [last lane (month total) of column "P" in the CSV-file for DEP, column “DEP Flight Departure % Flown as Planned Correct”] and NFD Delivered as Promised [last lane (month total) of column "AB" in CSV-file for NFD, column “NFD % Shipments delivered as promised”] percentage based on the BOO report, specific/ Cargo iQ/ overall dataset* (lanes measured with forwarders), all forwarders, no interline, no direct trucking, running month
help and manuals
online help a link to this wiki
CDMP whitepaper latest version of the TRAXON CDMP system specification
CDMP user guide latest version of the TRAXON CDMP user guide

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